Custom Bent U-Bolts Made to Order

Custom bent U-bolts made to order are especially suited for suspension, leaf spring and body mounting. They have hundreds of other uses. We bend our own U-bolts on a hydraulic bender cold. Reason? Because the grain of the metal stays oriented in the right direction for maximum strength. The stock rod may be bent in many shapes. The most common shapes are SQUARE TOP, SEMI-ROUND TOP and ROUND TOP. The threads are SAE (fine) and manufactured by rolling between dies. As a result, this makes the non-threaded part of the stock slightly smaller in diameter.

Small diameter U-bolts, especially round bend (1/2 dia and smaller) are more susceptible to measuring slightly wider due to the spring-like nature of the steel, but U-bolts, when properly torqued will conform to the shape of the item it is fitting over. If the item the U-bolt is fitting over is 3 inches wide, then the proper width U-bolt would be 3 inches wide. This product is not for ornamental use and is designed to be torqued. Please call with questions or concerns.

Note that the “L” measurement (length) is not exact depending on total rod length, consequently the “L” measurement may be slightly shorter or longer. We add “C” and “L x 2” measurements to get the total material length which is made in even lengths, 22, 28, 38 etc.
(Example: 4″ wide U-bolt with 5″ legs will be made out of a 14″ rod, resulting in an actual leg length of approximately 4 3/4″.)

Custom Bent U-Bolts made to order from 3/8 to 1 1/4 inch diameter SAE threads.

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