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Round u-bolts are exactly as pictured. Small diameter U-bolts, especially round bend (1/2 dia and smaller) are more susceptible to measuring slightly wider due to the spring-like nature of the steel, but U-bolts, when properly torqued will conform to the shape of the item it is fitting over. If the item the U-bolt is fitting over is 3 inches wide, then the proper width U-bolt would be 3 inches wide. This product is not for ornamental use and is designed to be torqued. Please call with questions or concerns.

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Please note that the “L”¬†measurement (length) may be slightly longer and is not exact depending on total rod length.¬†The reason the “L” measurement may be longer, we add “C” and “L x 2” measurements to get the total material length which is made in even lengths, 22, 28,¬†38 etc.