5/8 inch Diameter Semi-Round U-Bolt

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5/8 inch Diameter Semi-Round U-Bolt with Deep Nuts and Washers only. No tie plate is included, but is available. Oil finish only, no plating/coatings available.

Grade 8

$11.72$32.04/Priced Per U-Bolt - Minimum Qty of 2


5/8 inch Diameter Semi-Round U-Bolt is Custom Bent from the choices you make here. Please read the directions carefully.

5/8 inch Diameter Semi-Round U-Bolt
  • Pricing includes Extra Deep Nuts and Hardened Thick U-bolt Washers
  • Custom bent u-bolts are non-returnable.

Measure your u-bolt using the image above to to get your pricing.

  • “C” = Inside Width    (measure inside width)
  • “L” = Inside Length   (measure from the highest point inside to the bottom of the leg of u-bolt)
  • “T” = Approximate Thread Length is calculated by multiplying 2 X “L” plus “C” (which equals the overall length of rod material before bending)
    • Approximate thread lengths are predetermined and are listed below;
      • (Total rod length = Thread length on each leg)
        • 8″   to 20″ = 2″-3″
        • 22″ to 30″ = 4″
        • 32″ to 48″ = 6″

These u-bolts are for suspension, leaf spring and body mounting primarily, but have hundreds of other uses. We bend our own U-bolts on a hydraulic bender cold so the grain of the metal stays oriented in the right direction for maximum strength.

The only thread pitch we use are SAE (fine) and are manufactured by rolling a rod between dies creating threads for maximum strength. This makes the non-threaded part of the stock slightly smaller in diameter than the diameter of the threads and are not thread-able beyond the way they are.

Small diameter U-bolts (1/2 dia and smaller) are more susceptible to measuring slightly wider due to the spring-like nature of the steel, but U-bolts, when properly torqued will typically conform to the shape of the item it is fitting over. This product is not for ornamental use and is designed to be torqued.

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  1. Richard Hubert (verified owner)

    Order was filled promptly, though shipping by Ground UPS was pricey.. Also – did not know that for a semi-round bend on the 5’8″ U Bolts I ordered that there are different bends as the ones I got did not have much of a curve to them compared to what I was trying to replace (for a GM Workhorse chassis). Would have been nice if the ordering site mentioned this (but then no other site selling U Bolts makes that distinction either).

    Richard Hubert

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