71335 3.5 Ton Floor Jack


3.5 Ton Capacity SUV & Service Truck Jack

$318.14 $345.80/Each

Norco 71335

A heavy duty floor jack designed for a variety of automotive shop uses including the added capacity and maximum lift height required to handle most SUV and 1 Ton+ service trucks.


  • Steel hydraulic block construction includes a double pump piston design that quickly raises the jack to maximum height
  • Long, two piece handle with knurled hand grip and foam handle sleeve provides:
    -Ease of pumping
    -Longer reach for positioning under overhang
    -Ease for transportation and storage
    -Ease of pumping in tight quarters when second handle section is removed
  • 4" low and 21-3/8" maximum lift heights (without saddle adapter)
  • 7" low and 24-3/8" maximum lift heights (with saddle adapter)
  • Safety by-pass system protects pressure cylinder;
  • Safety overlaod system prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity
  • Heavy-duty chassis for added strenth and dependability;

Also available is a unique 3" saddle extension adapter (Model 71303). Its patent pendign design had been created to quickly lift the laod. Since most SUV’s and service trucks have a higher low lift height, the increased height of the saddle adapter allows for quicker positioning and quicker lifing of the vehicle. It saves tiem and effort, increasing shop efficiency.


Low Lift Height: 4"
High Lift Height: 21.375"
Length: 28.5"
Width: 14.375"
Shipping Weight: 106 lbs.

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